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Seattle Streetcar Project, City of Seattle, WA

For the First Hill Streetcar, GHz Communications in coordination with DKS conducted extensive analysis of the surface street system for a wide range of streetcar alignments. The proposed streetcar alignment extended from Broadway at Denny Street to Jackson Street at Occidental in Pioneer Square. Synchro and VISSIM were used to evaluate levels of service, signal timing, special streetcar phases, transit priority and the streetcar travel times through the corridor. A SEPA environmental analysis was completed, documenting the traffic benefits and impacts of the proposed project. GHz Communications in coordination with DKS is completing the final design of the traffic signal system, lighting and communications system for the Seattle Streetcar Project. The design includes 32 traffic signals, special phases for streetcar operations, transit signal priority and special signs to control streetcar operations. GHz Communications in coordination with DKS is also evaluating the use of an Opticon GPS-based system to provide detection for the streetcar vehicles. Other train detection options include Vetag loops and IR Opticom.

CATS Bus AVL/APC Project, Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS), Charlotte, NC

As Senior Project Manager, GHz Communications had program management responsibilities in support of deployment of a $5 million integrated CAD/AVL/APC Siemens system. This included the review of contractual requirements; evaluation of contractor test plans and procedures; development of a system requirements compliance matrix and tracking tool for APC/AVL system; and development of test requirements for Final Acceptance Test of the final system. GHz Communications also developed Requirement Documents for single sign-on capability for AVL/APC systems to all other major systems. They were the designated CATS representative for evaluation of Siemens-performed functional fit test, which measured the compliance of software delivery against system requirements.

Pacific Avenue Corridor TSP, Pierce Transit, Tacoma, WA

This project involved an upgrade to a minimum of 44 signal controllers and the installation of associated transit signal priority equipment, signs, fiber optic cable, striping and channelization improvements on 17 miles of the Pacific Avenue/SR 7 corridor. The corridor involved a segment managed by WSDOT and a second segment managed by the City of Tacoma. GHz Communications designed the network for both segments to provide connectivity between the traffic Operations Centers and Econolite 2070 Traffic Signal controllers along the highway. In addition to the design, GHz Communications is providing the pre-deployment construction support testing of the network to assure the operation complies with the design specifications.


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